Recommendation for Dutch museums in overview

The reorganisation of the Dutch museum system from 2017 will result in a sustainable, future-focused museological sector with an extensive social reach. Its aim is to grant the public optimum access and opportunities to enjoy the Netherlands Collection. To achieve this goal, institutions will cooperate, share knowledge and bear collective responsibility for a high-quality and professional sector. The various levels of governmental authority in the Netherlands will coordinate their museum policies. A Core Netherlands Collection will be established and protected. This will all result in a more efficient use of public resources to serve social, cultural and economic objectives.

This recommendation is composed of three elements. First, a coherent system is proposed based on chain cooperation between museums. Second, from all existing public collections, i.e. the NetherlandsCollection, a selection will be made that will contribute to core collections which together will form the Netherlands Core Collection and enjoy extra protection. Third, it is recommended that these two developments be anchored in a Heritage Act which will set out the roles and responsibilities of the various government authorities, collection owners, museums and related organisations, thus mapping the contours of the system.